Campus landscapes speak powerfully to prospective students, faculty and staff. Designed well, they attract potential students by presenting a lasting image that enhances your school's distinctive qualities and characteristics. Hoerr Schaudt helps outdoor spaces work for your institution on multiple levels. We design spaces that convey your mission and values, become social destinations and are safe, high-functioning environments that unify core facilities.


Our commercial landscape designs range from urban and suburban corporate campuses to mixed-use and retail developments throughout the country. We help our clients create outdoor environments that encourage shoppers to linger, contribute to employee productivity and health, and enhance a company's image.


Hoerr Schaudt designs a wide variety of landscapes for cultural institutions including public parks, botanical gardens and museum campuses. In each, we imbue the landscape with intrigue, discovery and surprise - key ingredients that keep visitors returning season after season.


Beautiful and sustainable civic spaces are signals of health and vitality. Hoerr Schaudt brings a unique perspective to urban design and the importance of horticulture in the public realm. We help cities, towns and villages create streetscapes, urban plazas, green roofs and other public spaces that attract financial commitment from business owners and the lasting appreciation of a city’s residents.


Chicago boasts more green roofs than any other city in the country, and Hoerr Schaudt has been at the forefront of this green transformation. Our green roof designs weave together ecological benefits with an elegant aesthetic. Our knowledgeable staff of horticulturalists, LEED accredited designers and registered landscape architects are reliable guides into design solutions that become memorable experiences.